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Parents definitely better educate their children at home

Parents definitely better educate their children at home
Children are the most beautiful gift God has given to us. For that we should be grateful in a way to give the best for them. Not only material needs, but also non-material needs such as education and counselling.

Many parents think that educating children were meant to transfer knowledge and nurture it. So that the parents send children's education only to school or other formal institutions. When in fact the essence of education, is not it. I think the essence of education is to build positive character and potential latent in a child that appears, and then raise and develop which then can be beneficial to himself, family, community, and country. And, I believe that the role is to do the task are the parents in the home because the intensity of the communication is mostly done between parent and child. However, it does not mean the school is not good for children's education.

Humans learn by imitating or copying of the natural surroundings or environment. As proof, you can know how early humans learned to hunt from the beast, with strong nails and fangs and sharp, the animal is able to subdue prey. Then, humans made device resembling a nail or a sharp and powerful fangs of rock or wood. The fact is humans are learning from the environment by imitating. Likewise, a child, he will learn how to mimic the environment in which he lives.

From the brief description above, it is clear that a good parent, must educate their children at home than send them to a formal school. Due to the fact, the positive character and potential latent in the person of a child was largely shaped by the circumstances that created the child by the parents at home. Instead of teaching children about school lessons, the most important is to offer a good role model for them imitate the good things from the environment.


Parent's mistakes in educating children

Parents often use force and violence when the children make mistakes or do not obey their orders. Educational methods such as these cannot be accepted by the children.

Children do not like dictation and advice directly because of the way they perceive it as an attempt to turn their wishes. This is the parent's mistakes in educating children.

Attitude always blame the child, belittling opinion, and ignored can lead to fatal for children. If we are to give meaning or lesson to the children, then we should use a convincing manner, rather than using coercion and violence in providing advice and direction. Discussion and persuasive methods to attract the attention of children. The best way to educate children is to not hurt the child's personality.


How to Educate Your Children to be Independent

The parents would want their children to be independent . Then where will the means to educate their children so that they have a standalone? Here are some things you can do to train them.
  • The key in educating children to be independent is to familiarize them to carry out daily tasks. Before you give a list of daily tasks to them, make sure that you are really busy and really need help in taking care of the house. With so hopefully they awakened to help us. Do not immediately give daily tasks for kids as well and don't force it to them.
  • If the kids excited to help us, and give orientation-light duty first. Do not give the task in which they can not endure. remember! this is its first aid.
  • If you have a maid at home, show the children that their job is simply to help us. My advice you should not have a maid at home. Because if the kids maintained by the maid, the children will get used to rely and depend on others to meet all their needs.
  • Along with the increasing age of children, increase gradually to their daily tasks, step by step. create age appropriate chore charts for your children. Once again, be careful when giving daily tasks for children. If necessary, do bargain with your child. The most important thing for us is that they want to do something to help homework.
  • Every now and then explain to them how importance of having independent properties.


How to develop self-confidence in children

Children who don't have self-confidence tend to hide and isolate themselves from the surrounding environment. They always have the feeling that they lack the ability and fear of failure that makes it always depend on parents or friends. Even worse, children who do not have self-confidence tend to run away from responsibility, unable to face the problem and deal with it immediately resigned from the variety of work offered to him.

Here are some ways to develop self-confidence in children:
  • Show your love and affection to your child completely. Do not let your children feel lost or feel unneeded.
  • Familiarize your child to progress to introduce himself such courage and practice by swimming or attend a race. Do not condemn if your child fails.
  • Give simple tasks and then give them a compliment or a gift if they have managed to carry out his duties. Once again do not get angry if your child fails to complete its task.
  • Make sure your children feel valued and respected.
One of the characteristics that parents who are successful in educating children is a growing sense of confidence.


Don't Do the Beating in Educating Children

Educational methods using a blow by an educator to educate children, is a sign that he had failed to find a suitable way to influence and improve the child's attitude.

An educator has been wrong if he believes that the methods of violence and beatings he can educate the next generation has responsibility. Due to such treatment, he actually had killed several elements force the most important child's personality. due to the beating action it would seem the people whose souls, as follows:
  • Coward. Children will always be afraid of his parents, which resulted in not going to create a harmonious relationship between them. Children will always try to stay away from the parents, They will scared and ran to their room when They saw their parents, and if their parents passed near them, They will shiver and bow.
  • Always in doubt. They did not have confidence, always in doubt, and do not have ability to decide the outcome. It will be obvious when adult.
  • Isolated and do not have ability to build relationships with others. They are a private person and insecure and lacks personality traits that stand out.
Recently, there is a scientific research conducted by the University of New Hampshire in the UK, stating that students who get a lot of beating, resulting in their ability to think, read, and calculate decline. While the students who never get a beating, get better results on the three areas above.


The Several Actions to Develop a Child's Personality

One of the parents responsibilities are develop a child's personality and educate the children  in the right way . To carry out this, there are several actions that must performed. But there are also some actions that should be avoided because it will adversely affect child development.

The results of some research suggests that the several actions to develop a child's personality is :
  • Assertiveness from parents or teachers. Restrictions and regulations of the parent firm will be able to help the child to condition themselves, and adapt to the social environment. This will create stability and mental health for children. So they will be able to work and be able to carry out all his personal affairs.
  • Make your kids feel that they can depend on her abilities. motivate children with gifts if they have been successful in carrying out the tasks we have given. Giving gifts to the kids, will give birth to a sense of confidence in their souls, and other positive behaviors.
  • But what if they make a mistake, do not ever hit her or convict them with hurtful words. However, give them an explanation as well as the attitude of your firm. Using the methods of threats and violence will not encourage the child to do the job better. And people are always accused and condemned will not produce something of quality.
If the parents do not care about their children's mistakes that ever been made, It will cause their kids will not have a sense of responsibility.


Educate Children through Parents Behavior

Children tend to follow what he knew from the neighborhood. Family circumstances as the immediate environment should give good examples that deserve to be followed children voluntarily.

A child emulate and imitate the behavior of the person she liked, and trying to look like a man to her liking. It was a fact that must understand and cleverly exploited by the parents and teachers. Do not allow children to mimic the behavior exhibited crappy video games or movies that became his idol, because they love it. Try as much as possible so that parents and teachers can become an idol of children.

Educators used as exemplary role models for those who live around him, always consider all of his behavior and always heard his words, then he should consider his actions before giving advice and encouragement to those. So that appeals can accepted by others, especially children, the actions must match words. It is important to grow the perception and credibility of teachers and parents in their eyes.

We will not able to bring our children to stay away from friends who are not good, if we are friends with people who have properties such as our children's friends. Or we ordered them to independently work on their various necessities of life, while we rely on other people to do a job, and show the weakness and our inability in front of them.
We can close that educate children well should start with improving our behavior first


The importance parents full attention to the develop healthy mental children

Various studies results have suggested that differences in the level and type of care the parents of a child, having influence on the children mental development

The teenager unmet need for love and affection of their parents or parents who feel lost because of busy at work, so these kids have tendency be affected and rely on the their friends opinions to meet her emotional needs.

While the parents who showed his patience in educating their children, then their children will naturally develop the ability to face the challenges of life, and have ability to rely on himself.

Thus it is clear to the parents should give lots of attention to educate children because it will give good mental development for them, so that our children will not  affected by bad behavior from outside


The importance Family Environment for Children's Education

The childhood experiences has a big influence in building children personality. There are essential to realizing formation of self intact, which could not be achieved except by giving full freedom to the child and foster independence soul. To fulfill this, family environment has a very important role for children's education. Because of through this activities, a child will get a large influence. Good family environment will have a sense of love and mutual help, which based on the strong bond between families, and has a large contribution in build a child's personality. It can motivate children to develop themselves and improve their capabilities and potential.

Meanwhile, when the family neglect their children, this condition give negative effects for a child personality. The loss sense of love and family causing bad result in education. They feel such neglected and abandoned, and hinder its ability to foster a sense of self-esteem that can benefit themselves and the community around it.

The right education is education that provides direction achieved a varieties objectives and activities. Motivate children achieved its objectives and carry out various activities, to drive him to success as well as providing a sense of confidence in him. Moreover, it can also provides an opportunity for him to showcase his personality also meet physical needs, psychological needs, and social needs. Finally he was able to blend in and adapt to other people.

Various research shows that training and educating children since childhood, giving a positive side to hone his personality and behavior. Like the wise people said: "Someone who seek knowledge since a child was like carve in a stone, and the person who study as mature was like those who wrote on water".