The best way to educate children at home

Maybe you've wondered to yourself, what is the best way to educate children? In my opinion, if I have to answer it, then I say emphatically is on how the parents did the first setting for the early childhood development. This is because experience in childhood has always made ​​an impression and influence their development into an adult.

The first setting for the early childhood development that you should do is to build a good family environment for children. To realize this, of course, begins by fixing the attitude and behaviour of parents. Give a good role model to be emulated by the children. It is impossible if we want our children to be a good person but the behaviour of the parents do not either. If we are forced to impose on the child, then the child will feel pressured and stressed. This method will not work.

If the children are happy for us as parents, children definitely want to pay attention and listen to us. However, if an educator imposes its will, and harm their personalities because of the desire confrontation, then the educator's credibility will be broken in the eyes of the child. Remember, violence on educating children show that we have failed in educating children.

Love and compassion are the key to all the smoothness of all affairs. Not violence! And giving a good family environment to the children is the best way to educate children.


Parents definitely better educate their children at home

Parents definitely better educate their children at home
Children are the most beautiful gift God has given to us. For that we should be grateful in a way to give the best for them. Not only material needs, but also non-material needs such as education and counselling.

Many parents think that educating children were meant to transfer knowledge and nurture it. So that the parents send children's education only to school or other formal institutions. When in fact the essence of education, is not it. I think the essence of education is to build positive character and potential latent in a child that appears, and then raise and develop which then can be beneficial to himself, family, community, and country. And, I believe that the role is to do the task are the parents in the home because the intensity of the communication is mostly done between parent and child. However, it does not mean the school is not good for children's education.

Humans learn by imitating or copying of the natural surroundings or environment. As proof, you can know how early humans learned to hunt from the beast, with strong nails and fangs and sharp, the animal is able to subdue prey. Then, humans made device resembling a nail or a sharp and powerful fangs of rock or wood. The fact is humans are learning from the environment by imitating. Likewise, a child, he will learn how to mimic the environment in which he lives.

From the brief description above, it is clear that a good parent, must educate their children at home than send them to a formal school. Due to the fact, the positive character and potential latent in the person of a child was largely shaped by the circumstances that created the child by the parents at home. Instead of teaching children about school lessons, the most important is to offer a good role model for them imitate the good things from the environment.