Don't Do the Beating in Educating Children

Educational methods using a blow by an educator to educate children, is a sign that he had failed to find a suitable way to influence and improve the child's attitude.

An educator has been wrong if he believes that the methods of violence and beatings he can educate the next generation has responsibility. Due to such treatment, he actually had killed several elements force the most important child's personality. due to the beating action it would seem the people whose souls, as follows:
  • Coward. Children will always be afraid of his parents, which resulted in not going to create a harmonious relationship between them. Children will always try to stay away from the parents, They will scared and ran to their room when They saw their parents, and if their parents passed near them, They will shiver and bow.
  • Always in doubt. They did not have confidence, always in doubt, and do not have ability to decide the outcome. It will be obvious when adult.
  • Isolated and do not have ability to build relationships with others. They are a private person and insecure and lacks personality traits that stand out.
Recently, there is a scientific research conducted by the University of New Hampshire in the UK, stating that students who get a lot of beating, resulting in their ability to think, read, and calculate decline. While the students who never get a beating, get better results on the three areas above.

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