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How to Educate Your Children to be Independent

The parents would want their children to be independent . Then where will the means to educate their children so that they have a standalone? Here are some things you can do to train them.
  • The key in educating children to be independent is to familiarize them to carry out daily tasks. Before you give a list of daily tasks to them, make sure that you are really busy and really need help in taking care of the house. With so hopefully they awakened to help us. Do not immediately give daily tasks for kids as well and don't force it to them.
  • If the kids excited to help us, and give orientation-light duty first. Do not give the task in which they can not endure. remember! this is its first aid.
  • If you have a maid at home, show the children that their job is simply to help us. My advice you should not have a maid at home. Because if the kids maintained by the maid, the children will get used to rely and depend on others to meet all their needs.
  • Along with the increasing age of children, increase gradually to their daily tasks, step by step. create age appropriate chore charts for your children. Once again, be careful when giving daily tasks for children. If necessary, do bargain with your child. The most important thing for us is that they want to do something to help homework.
  • Every now and then explain to them how importance of having independent properties.