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The importance Family Environment for Children's Education

The childhood experiences has a big influence in building children personality. There are essential to realizing formation of self intact, which could not be achieved except by giving full freedom to the child and foster independence soul. To fulfill this, family environment has a very important role for children's education. Because of through this activities, a child will get a large influence. Good family environment will have a sense of love and mutual help, which based on the strong bond between families, and has a large contribution in build a child's personality. It can motivate children to develop themselves and improve their capabilities and potential.

Meanwhile, when the family neglect their children, this condition give negative effects for a child personality. The loss sense of love and family causing bad result in education. They feel such neglected and abandoned, and hinder its ability to foster a sense of self-esteem that can benefit themselves and the community around it.

The right education is education that provides direction achieved a varieties objectives and activities. Motivate children achieved its objectives and carry out various activities, to drive him to success as well as providing a sense of confidence in him. Moreover, it can also provides an opportunity for him to showcase his personality also meet physical needs, psychological needs, and social needs. Finally he was able to blend in and adapt to other people.

Various research shows that training and educating children since childhood, giving a positive side to hone his personality and behavior. Like the wise people said: "Someone who seek knowledge since a child was like carve in a stone, and the person who study as mature was like those who wrote on water".