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Educate Children through Parents Behavior

Children tend to follow what he knew from the neighborhood. Family circumstances as the immediate environment should give good examples that deserve to be followed children voluntarily.

A child emulate and imitate the behavior of the person she liked, and trying to look like a man to her liking. It was a fact that must understand and cleverly exploited by the parents and teachers. Do not allow children to mimic the behavior exhibited crappy video games or movies that became his idol, because they love it. Try as much as possible so that parents and teachers can become an idol of children.

Educators used as exemplary role models for those who live around him, always consider all of his behavior and always heard his words, then he should consider his actions before giving advice and encouragement to those. So that appeals can accepted by others, especially children, the actions must match words. It is important to grow the perception and credibility of teachers and parents in their eyes.

We will not able to bring our children to stay away from friends who are not good, if we are friends with people who have properties such as our children's friends. Or we ordered them to independently work on their various necessities of life, while we rely on other people to do a job, and show the weakness and our inability in front of them.
We can close that educate children well should start with improving our behavior first