How to Build an Honest in Children

Of course all parents want their children to have an honest nature. because of honesty like a medicine, even though it tastes bitter but it can cure a disease. Everyone must honest, all the problems of everyone's life will easy to resolve. But if a person's life is filled with lies, How then are we going to find the correct way to solve everything. it lies even misleading deeper life.

To foster honest in oneself, it should be done from the time when he or she was a child. With accustomed honest living from since childhood, then a child be able to feel the benefits of living honestly then the child willing to decide that he / she had to live with honesty, finally the honest always be attached to them until become an adult.

Want to know how to build an honest in children? follow the steps below that you can apply to your child at home:
  • Make sure that you always tell the truth.
  • Do not ever lie to your child even trivial. If you have lied to your child, then your credibility tarnished
  • Keep your word when you have promised them
  • Tell the story of the great hero who are honest to motivated at bedtime
  • Provide daily tasks appropriate to the children's ability to train honesty, responsibility and discipline, and do not scold them if your children do not do it. Give a gift if the children have managed to carry out daily tasks. Make a chart of children honesty to monitor progress
  • Pretend not to know if your child is lying and find the cause of why your child have to lie and then look for a way out.

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